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Increment Arrears/ Fixation Calculator for Central Government Employees of India

DescriptionAs drawn input
Name/Tno/Designation (optional)
Pay Band & Grade Pay as on 01.01.2006:
New basic as on 01.01.2006 (Basic Pay including Grade Pay)
Refixed New basic as on 01.01.2006 (Basic Pay including Grade Pay)
HRA in % as per classification
Transport Allowance
Classification of city
Is physically handicapped &
certified to receive double TA?
Appointed on or before 31-12-2003Yes: No:
Period of arrearsFrom To
Promotion/MACP details
Grade Pay change due to Promotion/MACP after 01.01.2006, if any:
Please leave blank the grade pay field, if not required.
1) GP: Year: Month: Date:
2) GP: Year: Month: Date:

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