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Expected Dearness Allowance/ Dearness Relief from July, 2014
for Employees/Officers/Pensioners of Central Government of India

Based on the All-India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) released by Labour Bureau, Government of India, CPI-IW is pegged at 246 (two hundred and forty six) for the month ending June, 2014.

Below is a simple calculator to calculate the likely increase in pay/ pension due to additional DA/DR .

Description Input
Present Basic (Basic means including grade pay & NPA, if any in Rs.)
(For Pensioners, Basic Pension before Commutation amount in Rs.)
Travelling Allowance in Rs.
(For Pensioners, please fill as 0)
Present Dearness Allowance in %
New Dearness Allowance in %

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