Welcome to the Universal Arrears Calculator.

(Please don't get surprised! It is not Excel sheet. It is simpler than Excel, easy and powerful than Excel. Of course. Though it is so sophisticated, the package is meant only for a particular job.)

This arrears calculator applies to all employees of Central Government of India.
This is a true and versatile universal arrears calculator based on 6th CPC.
Works from the year of 2006 onwards, the year 6th CPC was imlemented.
The Calculator applies Dearness Allowance in its calculations dynamically.
The Calculator can be used for increment arrears, promotion arrears, MACP arrears, fixation of pay, etc.
It is dynamic to choose any period to any period to arrive arrears for a particular period.
Month-wise arrears are generated with duly deducting required PF deductions to arrive the total arrears.
Column-wise arrears also generated simultaneously matching the final total.
The choice of TA and HRA applicable to the respective employees can be chosen.
3% increments on previous pay are generated every July instance automatically.
The Calculator works both for NPS and Pre-NPS employees alike.
You need not to enter any formula or remember intermittent data like changing DA, applying increments, etc.
The beauty of the calculator is once a statement is arrived for a period, the parent statement can be updated with reference to actual pay drawn as well as to be drawn particulars any number of times to meet any complicated arrears statement.

Please read the help file fully. Arrears can be arrived only when you click sno 1 available in the "Tobe Drawn" side of the result table.
Please read the example and follow. Further help: Further help
Let us see how to use it:-
That is all. 

Now, you get a matrix of arrears statement for the said period.
On the left side,  "As drawn particulars" are arrived. On the right side, "To be drawn particulars" are arrived.
Initially, calculations are same and identical on both sides.
Example 1:- Simple Calculation of increment arrears for the said period.
Step 1

Step 2

The statement can be taken print out nicely. Select print preview, choose landscape, adjust viewing size to 45%. The statement comes in two pages.

Example 2:- For Calculation of arrears like promotion/ MACP for the said period.
Step 1

Step 2

Though, all care have been taken to check the output, it is emphasised that the arrived result of arrears should be used for rough calculations only.