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Welcome to the Pension Calculator,


A web based application on pension and pensionary benefits for Central Civil Servants based on Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972, as amended by the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission is made. It is indeed a mystery for many of us as to how pension and settlement benefits are calculated except for those experts who deal with the subject at Personnel Branch and Accounts Department. Though on the face of it, still many of us (that included me before studying the subject in depth) assume to be aware of the methods to calculate all these benefits, the fact is otherwise.

For those who need help in learning how to calculate the pension and settlement benefits, I hope the Pension Calculator will help them to gain the knowledge step by step thoroughly with illustrations. They are explained transperantly with calculation formula and inner working. Also, as all the input data being dynamic in nature, those who want to plan voluntary retirement at a later date, they can plan and project the benefits and take an informed decision.

The package works only for those who retired/ to retire on or after 01.01.2006 and those who have been appointed on or before 31.12.2003.

It is intended for educative and rough calculation purpose only. Also, be aware that it is not a substitue for original calculation.

Though care and every effort have been made, kindly inform me about any errors/ improvements needed in the package.

Salient Features

The Pension Calculator can be used for retirement on superannuation, voluntary retirement and demise situations.

The Pension Calculator helps to know pension and settlement benefits such as :-

Pension related

  • Basic pension before commutation.
  • Commuted portion of commutation.
  • Balance pension after commutation.
  • Dearness relief on "Basic Pension before Commutation".
  • Total take home pension.

    Settlement related

  • Encashment of leave (both EL & HP together)
  • Grutuity
  • Commutation amount
  • Savings in Provident Fund.
  • CGEGIS savings fund portion with interest.

    Before arriving the pension and settlement details, the tool determines the net qualifying service. The service rendered while on duty is called "Qualifying Service".

    a) Total Length of Gross Service
    This tool helps to find out Total Gross Service based on date fields (Date of retirement - Date of appointment). This period includes all kinds of leave with pay, training period, joining time and Military service rendered before employment in Government subject to conditions stipulated.

    b) Total Length of Non-qualifying Service
    Periods such as Unauthorised absence, Extra-ordinary leave taken other than on medical grounds, Dies-non, non-regularisation of suspension period, etc are to be deducted to arrive net qualifying service. Such periods have to be summed up in years, months and days and enter these data in these respective fields to arrive at "Net Qualifying Service".

    c) Additional Length of Qualifying Service
    Those who had rendered Casual Labour & ELR services, they can add 50% of their service from temporary status to the date of regular absorption. They can calculate such period and enter in these respective fields. These period of service will be added with "Net Qualifing Service" as mentioned above.

    Thus, the Nett Qualifying Service is determined (a - b + c).

    Further, the arrived Nett Qualifying Service is divided into Six Monthly Periods for calculation of pensionary and settlement benefits.

    Pension is admissible only for those who have completed a nett qualifying service of 20 years only.

    Pension is admissible for employees who have completed 10 years of nett qualifying service only in cases of Superannuation, Compulsory retirement, employees absorbed in PSU.

    This tool will help you to find this important nett qualifying service data for taking an informed decision over voluntary retirement.

    This tool explains briefly about Enhanced Family Pension, its value in amount of rupees, period of commencement and duration.

    This tool explains briefly about Family Pension, its value in amount of rupees and period of commencement.

    How to use this tool

    Sno Description Values
    1 Type of cessation from service Choices are "Superannuation", "Voluntary", "Demise"
    2 Date of birth Please select year, month and date of DOB details.
    3 Date of entry Please select year, month and date of entry into the Government service.
    4 Date of retirement Please select year, month and date of retirement
    5 The sum of last ten months of basic Please enter the sum of ten months of basic preceding retirement.
    6 Last basic Please enter last basic value here (Basic means including grade pay & NPA, if any in Rs.)
    7 Pay Band & Grade Pay Select Pay band and Grade pay relevant to you.
    8 Total No. of EL / LAP days at credit Please enter the EL/ LAP accumulated at your credit at the time of retirement.
    9 Total No. of HP / LHAP days at credit Please enter the HP/ LHAP accumulated at your credit at the time of retirement.
    10 Commutation percentage sought Please select 40%.
    11 Dearness allow. in % DA % at the time of retirement. (For projections, higher % may be used)
    12 PF Credit Last balance in PF account.
    13 Total Non-qualifying Service Please enter the details in years, months, days (if applicable).
    14 Additional Qualifying Service Please enter the details in years, months, days (if applicable).
    15 I agree to the above terms and conditions. Please click mouse button on the check box to enable the "Calculate" button. Although the tool is production grade and tested for its correctness, it is recommended to use the output only for learning and guidance purpose only. Please be aware that the tool is not officially certified.

    On clicking the "Calculate", a detailed output is generated like this:-

    It is a complete analysis on Pensionary and Settlement Benefits, explained step by step, with relevant formulae.

    1) Working of Qualifying Service and Age for Commutation.

    2) Complete analysis in one sheet.

    3) Pension and Settlement related.

    Under Settlement related output area, a link is provided for CGEGIS. It is a tool for finding accumulation of savings at time of retirement. Use this CGEGIS tool, the amount arrived will be added back to the total settlement when leaving the CGEGIS tool.


    Taking print out is easy. No PDF or any other tool is required. It is divided into three pages. Please use print preview, adjust if needed. For best results, please use Mozilla Firefox or any other browser that supports print preview.

    About this tool

    The tool is made out of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. The length of the tool is more than 2000 lines.

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